Monday, April 4, 2011

Got some events coming up !!!!!

Okay here are a few things on my plate:

April 9, appearance on Triad TV

Yup, I’m doing a blog TV show with John Botelho and Happy Grey. We’ll be discussing the vampire movie, “Let the Right One in.” If you haven’t seen this, it is being talked about as maybe the best vampire movie ever! You got to see the Swedish version.

April 17, Francy & Friends Blog Talk Radio

I'll be talking trash with my good friend Francy Weatherman. Listen in, phone in. We usually get foolish. You know, laugh a lot. I'm sure psycho's will call in!

May 21, Filming “Grotto,” and a book trailer for “First to Die,” my latest release.

Grotto is a short horror movie I wrote last year. It will be filmed in Texas by John Botelho and Happy Grey. Knowing those two guys it’ll be a wacked time! We will be shooting scenes for Grotto and the First to Die book trailer on Saturday night May 21st.


  1. Congratulations Norm! That should be a blast! I hope I get a chance to see the filming! Regards!

  2. John Botelho shot the trailer for, Into the Basement and Blood Bar. Both videos can be seen on this blog, my website ( and youtube. If you've seen them, you know the work he does. This is going to be good!

    all the best