Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why isn’t Smashwords popular?

Thought I would post something about them. I’ve been on their site for a few years. Personally, I think it’s a great company. Kind of like iTunes. One stop shopping for books, long, short all kinds of stuff. The book industry is changing. The old guard like in the rest of the world is coming down. Paperback, hardcover book publishers are slow. Today we are impatient. We want everything as quickly as we can get it.
The ebook readers have changed how we read. I haven’t bought a paperback in over a year. I use an iPad. Most of my books are sold through Amazon, which is fine, but I think we need to be aware they are not the only player out there.
As an author, they have made publishing with them easy. They have page-by-page set up, an author page and a guide to help. They track stats and pay on time. Give them a visit!

Take a look at the stats on where my book sales are:
Amazon USA - 78.1%
Amazon UK - 14.4%
Smashwords - 7.5%

Smashwords needs more support! I’ve taken this right from their website, (see below). Next time your looking for something to read, go to Smashwords.

About Smashwords
Welcome to Smashwords! Smashwords is an ebook publishing and distribution platform for ebook authors, publishers and readers. We offer multi-format, DRM-free ebooks, ready for immediate sampling and purchase, and readable on any e-reading device.
For readers, Smashwords provides an opportunity to discover new voices in all categories and genres of the written word. Once you register, the site offers useful tools for search, discovery and personal library-building, and each week we add new features based on feedback from members.
At Smashwords, our authors and publishers have complete control over the sampling, pricing and marketing of their written works.
Smashwords is ideal for publishing novels, short fiction, poetry, personal memoirs, monographs, non-fiction, research reports, essays, or other written forms that haven’t even been invented yet.
It's free to publish and distribute with Smashwords.

What is Smashwords?
Smashwords publishes and distributes ebooks. Authors and publishers retain full control over how their works are published, sampled, priced and sold. If an author wants to charge one dollar or ten thousand dollars, or give it away for free, they have that freedom.  Smashwords was launched in May 2008, and in this time we've become the leading ebook publishing platforms for indie authors and publishers, with over 40,000 ebooks published.

Who publishes on Smashwords?
Over 16,000 serious writers and hundreds of small independent publishers publish and distribute with Smashwords. Many Smashwords authors have been previously published in print through mainstream publishers, or have had their works published in well-respected literary journals.

Smashwords ebooks can be downloaded to the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and Barnes & Nobel Nook.

All my novels are on Smashwords:

First to Die

Blood Bar

Into the Spell

Into the Basement

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