Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two great actors, one dark movie: Into the Basement

Lynn Lowry joined the cast for “Into the Basement,” about two weeks ago. See the Sunday April 17th post. She has done some classic horror movies. Two of my favorites are; Cat People and Shivers (one of my all time favorite movies). After that, she introduced us to Janet Tracy Keijser. Janet read the script and has agreed to play the role of Kim Bennett, how cool is that?

Janet Tracy Keijser is a Canadian actress known for her comedy and horror films. She is a native of Vernon, a very small town in rural Canada, just west of the Canadian Rockies.
Keijser has appeared in such films as Zombie Chronicles filmed in 3D, Dead Seven and Killer Story. She has three feature films scheduled for release in 2010: Cold Ones, aka Dead Letters Schism, and Parasomnia.
Keijser penned the tongue and cheek column for the Independent Film Quarterly magazine titled Blood Babe - My adventures in the trenches of low budget film making
Keijser is a regular in the improvisation shows scheduled at the LA Connection Comedy Theatre in Hollywood.
Selected filmography
                Dust to Dust (1988)
                Tales From The Crypt: Only Skin Deep (1994)
                House on Haunted Hill (1999)
                Zombie Chronicles (1999)
                Dead Seven (2000)
                The Halfway House (2004)
                Grave Tales (2004)
                Cold Ones" (2006)
                Parasomnia (2008)
                Schism (2008 film) (2008)

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