Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My book stats! If you have an ebook & you're not on Amazon you're missing it!

Amazon 94%
Smashwords 5%
Createspace 1%

That’s the breakdown of where my books are selling. The Amazon percentage is combining the USA and UK numbers. If I break them apart:
Amazon USA 78%
Amazon UK   16%

Another interesting statistics is:
ebooks = 99%
Paperback = 1%

It jumps out at you, direct your marketing at Amazon ebooks!

As much as I like Smashwords, I wrote about them April 9th, titled: Why isn’t Smashwords popular? The numbers don’t lie. Amazon is the place to sell your ebook.

More interesting facts. My novel, Into the Basement, drives my sales. As of April 26 at 8:10pm Eastern, Basement was ranked.

Amazon USA:
#1 Kindle Store> Graphic Novels> Horror
#17 Books> Graphic Horror> Horror
Amazon Bestseller Rank  #5,724

#1 Kindle Store> Graphic Novels> Horror
#18 Books> Serial Killers
Amazon Bestseller Rank  #3,564

What I can’t explain is sometime around February this book took off. It has been in the #1 range almost every day since then. I published it November 22, 2006. It took five years to reach number 1. The reality is the ebook market has exploded.

It will be interesting to see the path my latest novel, First to Die, takes. Just released it in March. How long will it take to catch on? As a writer I’ve improved a bunch since 2006.

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