Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Murphy's law, not now, not with my script!

The weirdest thing. I wrote the screenplay to my first novel Into the Basement with Nick Grabowsky of Halloween IV. I use Screenwriter 6, a software program. Thought it was the professional thing to do. Now I’m wondering if this really was the best choice.
            Had an upgrade to the software last year. No big deal, I use a MacBook pro I have lots of programs use to updates, love it.
            Got a request from, and I’m going to drop some names here. Request for the script from Marianna Palka. If you don’t recognize the name you might have seen her movie “Good Dicks,” a comedy staring her and Jason Ritter, the late John Ritter’s son.
            I sent her the script. Two weeks later a response, she didn’t receive it. Someone from her production team reached out to me. I sent it again. It didn’t go through. Tried again, got a thank you note. It must have gone through, right? Maybe not!
            Two Foot Fred has a role in the movie. A part written for him. He’s a comedian, travels with the country band Big and Rich. I ran into him in Nashville airport. We talked. He mentioned sending the script to him. He would forward to a friend. The sister of Gina Gershon, (Cocktails, Showgirls).  You know Gina Gershon, right? Well I jumped on that. Got home sent the script out. A few days later Fred sends me an email, no script. Tried a few times. No script. Phoned Nick, had him send it to Fred. Don’t know if Gina ever read it.
            Now the latest episode. We’re talking to Lynn Lowry. She stared in the original Crazies directed by George A. Romero and the remake. She plays the older woman babbling riding a bicycle across the street. Cameo, powerful impact for a short time on screen.
            I sent her the script, okay you know the story. She didn’t get it. Finally got it to her through film director John Botelho.
            Contacted the software manufacturer. This is the only file that will not show up when I email it and it doesn’t bounce back. They were no help. I’m blown away. Maybe the most important file I have and it screws up! Of Murphy’s Law in action. How can that be? If anyone has any suggestions I’m listening.

Oh yeah, I’ve saved it as a PDF and word document. Still will not go through my email…? Any suggestions?

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