Sunday, April 24, 2011

Triad TV April 30, 11:00 Eastern

            Doing another show on Triad TV with John Botelho and Happy Grey. April 30, 11:00 eastern. We’ll be discussing the making of my upcoming book trailer for “First to Die.” We’ll be shooting at night, hot, sticky Texas weather, May 21.
            I’ll be in Austin for the week. Saturday drive to San Antonio. Do a little sight seeing, the Alamo and the Riverwalk. Then drive north to Kerrville where we’ll have a barbeque, Texas style. Already warned them I don’t eat beef. Use to be a vegetarian in my twenties, introduced fish and chicken back into the diet after a few years and have never gone back to the dead carcass.  Staying overnight in Kerrville and Sunday drive back to Austin.
            If you’ve seen John Botelho’s other two trailers: “Into the Basement,” and “Blood Bar,” you know his style. If not, go to my web page:
I’ve got them posted there. He does terrific soundtracks. For “Basement,” he uses a slashing ripping sound, kind of like a razor. It’s 1:26 minutes in length and black & white, with a swinging light very creepy. Blood Bar is in color. Has a great moment where the actress Lynn, who’s naked, wet and bloody, attempts to open a car door. The music is in sync with her jerking the door handle, love that part. It’s :53 seconds long and the soundtrack is like a hammer striking an anvil, a disturbing metal sound.

Link to Triad TV:

Come joins us…April 30, 11:00 eastern.

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