Thursday, April 14, 2011

For lovers of horror, this is a perfect book!

Had to post this. It's a book review from: Cafe of Dreams  they reviewed my latest novel, First to Die  (link to Amazon ebook $2.99). It's available at Amazon (ebook & paperback), B&N, ibooks and Smashwords. 

An intense and gut-churning ride from start to finish.  First to Die is not for the weak of heart, nor the weak of stomach.

First to Die is not your sweet "bad boy" vampire tale.  Rather, it is a down and dirty, gritty, in-your-face thrill ride of murder, sex, self-gratification, loyalty and intensity.  The main character, Kim Bennett, is one of courage and no-holds-barred attitude.  She just happens to to the great-granddaughter of Jack the Ripper, creator of The Black Testament (which is a bible for vampires, if you will) and it is her rightful place to become the head of the underground vampire society.  However, someone stands in her way, and will stop at nothing to see Kim suffer the ultimate torture and end any hope of her taking her away his reign as the all powerful leader. Kim must stop at nothing, however, to regain The Black Testament and end the current power reign, or the lives of humans and vampires will be shattered forever. 

For lovers of horror, this is a perfect book and story to delve head first into.  It sucks (no pun intended) you in from the first page and holds tight until the very end.  First to Die is a very tightly woven story that is anything but boring and will keep readers flying from page to page.  Do not be mistaken, First to Die is not all gore and graphic reading, there are sincere emotions that shine through and allow the characters to become incredibly enduring to the reader.  I often found myself locked within a character and emotionally attached to them, for a bit of time.  I enjoyed the intensity, and even found it to be a bit exhaustive (in a good way) at times.  I do want to make readers aware, however, that First to Die does contain very graphic and gory scenes of torture, murder and overt sexual situations and descriptions.  So those who are easily offended, do proceed with caution. 

Norm Applegate has a wonderful talent for bringing a story to life and captivating readers into the worlds in which he weaves.  He writes for escapism and does a great job of doing so.  For those readers who are not "into vampires", I feel that First to Die will still hold an amazing appeal, for lovers of horror and suspense.  This is definitely not your average ordinary vampire tale!

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