Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This App works "Focus Booster," helps you write more!

So I’m blog hopping and I end up on Amanda Hocking’s blog. We all know who she is. She’s all over the place, this young girl from Minnesota that is a huge success on Amazon, kinda making us indie writers proud. Well, she mentions this app called “Focus Booster.” It’s a timer on your computer. I know from my consulting work, “if you measure it, you can improve it.” I like it. You hit a button it starts a count down. You feel pressured to get things done. You find yourself watching the timer tick away and well, it works. You write more.


  1. hey norm well I shot my new movie its in two different formats mini disk and vhs now I have to put in on a dvd then on to my computer well we had fun

  2. From what I can tell Amanda uses CreateSpace (Amazon's POD)she therefore will obviously be fastracked like no other Indie author not publishing through Amazon's POD.

    I'll be so happy when all this "my POD is better than yours" settles down. What a crock! My books are on Amazon because when you publish a block of ISBN's they automatically go there and to Barnes & Noble.com I've no desire to be on either site and yet there I am. UGH!!

    Thank GOD I investigated before submitting a Kindle to Amazon or a Nook to B&N.

    Now off to follow your blog! ;D

  3. Well Sue, Amanda is getting publicity like no other author before her. She seems to be everywhere. It's a great story, just at a time when the Kindle and iPad are hoping for big sales. The book market is being shook up!