Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Melting like butter

I was listening to itunes radio, smooth jazz. A song came on and it grabbed me. "I'm Ok," the artist is Lisa Shaw. Im a smooth jazz guy. I like an upbeat rhythm with cool instrumentation. So I bought the album, "Free." Amazing, every song is excellent. I slip on the earbuds and listen to her as I run. Great music to exercise to. Some background on Lisa. She was born in Toronto, my home town. Had nothing to do with me liking her. Apparently she went to New York and her career took off. She has performed live on The David Letterman Show. Was a backing vocalist for Jewel and is a huge success in the late hours of dance clubs worldwide. Being a drummer I listen to rhyme. The electronic drums have a great sound, good rudiments. Nice bass runs and the vocals are sultry, melting like butter. A must have...

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