Monday, March 21, 2011

"The sex with Mom was good, and for once, I was in the mood for it."

A few days ago I asked this question in the Kindle Blogs. Got a lot of answers, thought I would share these.:
If you're like me, you look at the cover and go quickly to chapter one, read the opening line and start the decision process. Do I buy it? Maybe you read the opening line of chapter two. It either grabs you or it doesn't. What is your favorite opening line? One that you wrote. And tell us what book please, might want to buy it.

Here's one of mine from my latest novel, First to Die.
A dark SUV slipped through the fog and came to a stop. It was quiet. Almost silent.

Here’s more. I’ve included the name of the book and author.

From "A Harmless American" by David Dalglish
Javier watched her swim until she drowned.

From “Pigman's Fingers,” by Ian Fraser
"The sex with Mom was good, and for once, I was in the mood for it."

The Demon Girl by Penelope Fletcher
"The day I learnt I was a demon was the worst day of my life."

From “Falling Star,” by Phillip Chen
He was killed by a hit and run jogger.

From “The Mayor,” by Robin Morris
"Everyone knew when The Mayor came to Madame Bob's."

From “Lucifer's Odyssey,” by Rex Jameson
"Lucifer sat down at his usual, dimly-lit spot at the back of the honky-tonk bar."

Anybody have any others. Come on post them.


  1. The Asian across the table from me is tearing great gobs of bloody flesh from his girlfriend’s neck. Tendons and tissue hang from his mouth in bloody spaghetti strands while his jaw works tirelessly to consume. He chews her like gum.

    ~ Tankbread by Paul Mannering (unpublished)

  2. Nice visual. Thanks for joining the group and posting.

    all the best