Saturday, May 19, 2012

Does changing your book cover increase sales?

So I decided to change the cover of my horror novel: First to Die.

We’ve all heard people judge a book by its cover. Does any body really know what a good cover is and does it make a difference?
I tried Googling but didn’t hit on anything that gave me the stats. I wanted to know is there a color, font size, artwork, something that triggers buying based on the design of the book cover, didn’t find it. Must be an industry secret. Here’s what I believe: The book cover needs to look good as a thumbnail (learning that mistake from experience). Red is exciting, blue is pretty good too.
My older cover was too dark on Amazon's thumbnail so I went for something simpler and lighter, we'll see what happens.

If you're looking for a great artist to work with contact Trisha Reeves at:

First to Die on Amazon


  1. Very interesting and good food for thought. I've had the same questions, but have found nothing on it. I have, however, had classes in painting signs. Red cues the reader to stop. Blues and greens are peaceful. Yellow (especially when combined with red) is powerful, as it symbolizes both stop and pause. Nice cover. Deb

  2. Thanks Deb, it's kind of surprising there isn't more info about book covers. Would love to see a serious study done on what sells. From my own experience dark covers just don't work. The size of Amazon's thumbnail and we'll use Amazon as the benchmark requires the cover to be bright and eye catching in that small piece of landscape.

    Thanks for your comments.

    all the best