Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amazon's Free Novel Program - Into the Basement

Into the Basement, my horror thriller novel is free until May 18 for Amazon Kindle both in the USA and UK. Below is the product description. This should give you an idea of how dark it is... 

Product Description:
Asian, enjoys torture...

Russian, enjoys abduction...

Obsession, sexual slavery...

Bent woman, Kim Bennett...


Into the Basement is Norm Applegate's Amazon USA & UK best seller.
It's a graphic thriller about two serial killers who steal women and torture
them in the basement. 

You'll never walk alone at night in the dark!

Into the Basement is approximately 70,000 words

This book has been formatted for the Kindle

In San Francisco, women are disappearing. Three
detectives pull Kim Bennett into the game. The hunt for a killer. She goes

This is a raw dark story of sadistic people that
pits Kim's physical and mental agility against one of the fastest rising crimes
in America, sexual slavery.

This is an adult story that has been described as:

Recently someone posted; "it made them feel ill."
Update, Into the Basement was written in 2006. The publisher did a horrendous job. I was
disappointed with the release. The publisher assigned the novel to a religious
editor? She refused to continue with the novel because of the nature of the
story, sexual abduction and abuse. 

January of 2010, I got Basement back.
January 2012; I broke down, spent the money and hired an editor. Hopefully all the little things that annoyed some people are fixed. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: 

Someone was hunting a female. Mean,
hardened eyes. She left work on time, routine. Susie Smallwood was the target.

Then something hit her teeth. Then

She was helpless. Bound with gray
duct tape across her mouth.

The ebook also contains bonus material: Chapter 1 
of Shockwave: which is approximately 79,000 words long, and is specifically
formatted for Kindle. 

Thriller writer Norm Applegate, author of Into
the Basement, introduces us to a new character, Jack Dwyer. 

Loner Jack Dwyer.

Pretty woman Kelly Paul.

Homegrown terrorists use pipe bombs to kill.

The cause? They want America back.

Violence breeds violence. 

Never underestimate a loner!


Shockwave by Norm Applegate - $2.99! FREE for Amazon Prime Members 
Pipe Bomb. Hostage. Terror.

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