Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting published in foreign countries

I posted this a while ago. Thought I would add an update. In April I received an email and thought it was a scam. In fact I’m still waiting for the hit. An editor for a Turkish publisher   ARVO Basim Yayin, saw my novel Into the Basement on AmazonUSA and UK and wanted it. Come on, horror in Turkey? What did I know?

Basement is currently #1 on Amazon USA and has been in the top 5 on Amazon Uk since March.

We exchanged emails, worked the deal, I signed the contract and this week saw the cover. I’m thriller. The name for the Turkish release is: “Sadist,” very creepy.

This morning I received an email. Attached is an advertisement going into a Turkish magazine called Sabitfikir. Look who I'm with: L.J. Sellers, Joanne Ellis and one of my favorite horror authors John Everson. How cool is that. I met John at the World Horror Convention in 08, Salt Lake City. Great author...

Norm's latest novel is a thriller on Amazon Kindle:


  1. Yeah Nick I was surprised by the creative spirt of the Turks. Didn't know they were into horror that much. Thanks for the comment.

    all the best