Saturday, October 22, 2011

International Intrigue: Sadist Has Arrived

It's been a couple of months. Physical copies of "Sadist," finally arrived. About three months ago a couple of copies were sent to me from the Turkish publisher, never got them. Then on Sept 21, five books were sent. I got an email with the record tracking number. Goggled it each week. The return message was, "original post being processed." Friday, a different message. The books had arrived in Jacksonville. Today, Saturday the doorbell em!
The original bag had been ripped open, four books inside. I don't know how many were sent, maybe one was stolen? International intrigue. Hahahahaha...

Here's a photo of all my novels. Shockwave is the latest, a thriller.

Link to Shockwave, Amazon Kindle, $2.99:

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