Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Book Faery Reviews article

This is from the interview posted June 13, from The Book Faery Reviews. There is a link at the end for the complete interview.

First, I have to brag. Just a little. The Book Faery Reviews was UBER-EXCITED to be put onto the printed back cover of First to Die by Norman Applegate. BIG accomplishment in our eyes here in book review land. BIG.(well at least for us!) Ironically, there aren’t many book reviews for the horror genre here (and we do love some horror) yet this one was selected. We were ECSTATIC when the email message with proposed cover (see above), the Facebook message, and of course the printed signed copy came in the mail. ECSTATIC. Everyone who knew about us outside of the internet were just excited. Because you know we just HAD to share the awesome news.
Norman signed a publishing deal with the Turkish company, ARVO Basim Yayin (tip: your web browser should be able to translate the site for you into English). Three of his books have been translated and go on sale this month (June) throughout Turkey. He, John Everson and Jack Ketchum have been signed with the company and he felt honored to be in such good company with those writers.
First to Die was released this past March…
Now on to my interview with our friend Norm…
The Book Faery Reviews: This is your fourth book. Can you tell us about it? (To read the article select the link).

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