Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shockwave: New Thriller Release

I'm introducing my novel; SHOCKWAVE, the first thriller I've published. My other novels are classified as horror but I always thought Into the Basement could be a thriller; although if abduction and torture has happened to women; and we know it has, it would be a horror! 

Deborah Levinson went over the manuscript for spelling and grammar. Then she sent me nine pages of ideas, all great stuff. A big shout out to her for helping me.

The cover is by James Rone. He did "Jumpers." SHOCKWAVE, is cool. If your looking for an editor or book cover artist contact them. You can reach them through me or Facebook. Below is what I've posted on Amazon and Smashword's premium catalog. 

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Thriller writer Norm Applegate, author of Into the Basement, introduces us to a new character, Jack Dwyer.


Loner Jack Dwyer.
Pretty woman Kelly Paul.
Homegrown terrorists use pipe bombs to kill.
The cause? They want America back.
Violence breeds violence.
Never underestimate a loner!

Book Description:

Jack Dwyer is observant. Sitting at Starbucks he watches a van come to a stop. A nervous guy gets out, looks around, seems strange. Dwyer watches him. The guy crosses the street. Dwyer realizes the guy’s staring at a pretty woman, Kelly Paul. Dwyer makes eye contact with her. Dwyer looks left, right, reacts, moves fast, pushes her down, saves her but the bomb explodes. People are killed. She goes missing and Dwyer is the suspect.

Dwyer can’t forget her. Doesn’t understand why she’s missing.  He’s a loner, ex-military, a psychologist and he has seen death. He’s wildly attracted to the pretty woman and he goes after her.

Beau Redell, and a group of sadistic followers, is the problem.  Kelly Paul has been taken, abducted, terrorized. But Dwyer finds himself alone and a violent conclusion is inevitable…

Shockwave by Norm Applegate
Pipe Bomb. Hostage. Terror.

Edited by Deborah Levinson.

Cover art James Rone.

Shockwave is approximately 79,000 words long, and is specifically formatted for Kindle. This ebook also contains bonus material:

Chapter 1 of Into the Basement by: Norm Applegate.

“Into the Basement introduces us to Norm Applegate's no nonsense staccato writing style and realistic approach to the thriller/suspense/genre.” - Withersin Magazine June issue 2008,

"Norm Applegate is a new voice just emerging onto the field of the mystery/thriller novel that has the rest of us looking over our shoulders."  - David Hagberg New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of Dance With the Dragon, Allah's Scorpion and Mutiny.

"Norman Applegate’s writing truly delivers with all the raw force and prose of a top rate storyteller, seasoning his tales with a mixture of classic genre skill and infusion of intrigue and characterization that makes the stories move." - Nicholas Grabowsky Horror author of "Halloween IV.

“Applegate creates a very graphic and violent story filled with blood, gore, and sex.” – The Book Faery Reviews

Books by Norm Applegate:

First to Die – Just $2.99!
Blood Bar  - Just .99!
Into the Spell – Just .99!
Jumpers (short story)  - Just .99!

…and thriller novel
Into the Basement – Just $1.99
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